Founded in 1975, Den-Con Tool Company provides a complete line of pipe handling tools for drilling and workover rigs.

Den-Con Tool has extensive international market experience. Export markets include Europe, Asia, India, China, Canada, South America, and Africa. Den-Con products are used in virtually every part of the world. Customers include national oil companies in the Middle East, Asia, India, China, Eastern Europe, and South America as well as drilling contractors, rental and supply companies, and rig builders.

Den-Con Tool is API 7K and API 8C certified and maintains a quality management system in accordance with API spec Q1, which has been fully aligned with ISO standards.

  • FCS Flush Casing Spiders
  • FG Flex – Grip Slip Systems
  • PSL Power Slip Lifters & Bushings
  • 250 Ton Elevator / Spider
  • Casing Elevator / Spiders
  • Tubing Spiders
  • ST 80 Die Kits
  • Manual Elevators
  • Kelly Bushings & Parts
  • Master Bushings & Bowls
  • Rotary Adapter Rings
  • Rotary Slips
  • Slip Flex Handles
  • Drill Collar Slips
  • Casing Slips
  • 200 Ton 4 Taper HCS & Bushings
  • Conductor Slips
  • Casing Bushings
  • Hinged Spider & Bushings
  • Safety Clamps
  • RFID Tagging & Tracking
  • Elevator Bore Codes
  • Part NO. Equals & Interchange
  • Hinged Spider & Bowls Data Table
  • Rotary Equipment Data Table
  • Wear Guide

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